Vera Greenwood

My art practice is subjectively personal, placing emphasis on story telling, social studies and a conceptual approach to representing the everyday—a way of working based on observation of the world. The work is highly autobiographical in nature, revealing a keen interest in record keeping and investigative research. It undermines typical ways of collecting information and keeping history—my strategy subverts mainstream structures and standards. By incorporating methodologies of non-art disciplines such as social anthropology and behavioral psychology, my research-based projects embody a hybrid form of contemporary art practice. The work depends largely on process—the determining factor for many of my projects is improvisation: to set an event in motion and watch as it unfolds. Because my installations have always incorporated text—sometimes very large amounts—bookworks have become a logical extension of my art practice. The work, in general, documents my own behaviour—my experienced social interactions. It hinges on a kind of self monitoring, which at times masquerades as voyeurism; the process, however, puts me under the microscope.